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16" Rotary / Blanchard Grinding

Contract rotary grinding of mild and hardened steel is done daily. Automotive and motorcycle Rotor and Flywheel resurfacing to specs. Same day service on rotors and flywheels is not uncommon.

Harley-Davidson™ after market Police Bike Parts

Touch them and the knob appears, twist it and lift it OPEN!  Just "slap them closed" and then push the button in and it’s hidden again in a smooth chrome contour.  You only need to open your existing hole to the templates and directions provided.  Easily re-drill your existing L-shaped metal bracket from your lower bag per the blueprint and you're done!  Why give up the Police bag "ease of opening" just because of the UGLY, (but very functional), Hockey Puck and hinge design. 

  • Available in chrome, gold Plate, or paintable flat black
  • Rattle free
  • Flush mounted
  • Retractable
  • Made from high impact, glass filled nylon and stainless steel workings
  • Will not loosen while riding!

$55.00 + $7.25 S&H = $62.25
Add $1.30 if you’d like insurance.

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